You Speak Spanish?

Really love this post ! It’s was so relatable especially being Dominican myself. I’ve been through similar things. Great post !! 🙂

Dream of Bee

“Yo, you watch Love & Hip Hop: Miami?” read a text from an old friend. In the two seconds it took me to read the message, I thought to myself, if this fool tries to tell me that I remind him of Amara La Negra, he’s getting blocked. And he did, in fact proceed to tell me that I reminded him of her and I did, in fact proceed to tell him that he was getting blocked. Let’s just say this, Amara is gorgeous, a beautiful chocolate drop with an amazing body who is really doing big things. However, I am not her. The only reason I get the comparison is because I’m a shade of chocolate and I wear my natural hair out like so. That was not the first time I’d gotten that comparison. I used to work at a restaurant where one of my co-workers would call…

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Hey all 👋🏾 I will like to dedicate this post to all of you. I started this blog in January and I didn’t think that I would get all of this support and love. I started this blog for myself at first and I am glad I have been able to reach so many people! Grateful for all the opportunities and growth! 💕 thank you all!