Finding balance!¡

(Maintaining balance)

Juggling life isn’t easy.. but we got to do it whether it’s work, family or your social life. During my 20s I have tried to conquer all these at once knowing that these are all important areas in my life that require my attention. Lately I have learned that I must balance these out to maintain my sanity. While work or school is important it’s important to set time aside to be around those you love and care for (family and friends). Being around your family and friends is a good way to disconnect from the stresses you may have at school or work. Going to social outings is also great for disconnecting from those stressors as well. Being able to connect or interact with people whom you may have never interacted with before is a plus. Set aside time for yourself as well. Do activities you really enjoy. If you don’t have a hobby, create one or find one. Doing something outside of your area of interest can be exciting and fulfilling. Never know until you try it. Spending alone time has also been something that has been essential for me. During this time I have learned my wants, needs and goals. Balancing won’t be easy. Learn to separate work and play. Make time for both but most importantly for yourself.

self -love

Am I enough? (Learning self love)

It’s a journey and a process to be able to recognize that you are a great person. Many of us go through the notion of questioning our self worth. We ask ourselves..are we worthy? Are we enough? We often ask ourselves these questions because we are in situations that often test us. Through out time I have asked myself these questions because I wasn’t able to get the response or reaction from someone around me. I have learned that I shouldn’t have to ask myself these questions. I am still in the process of learning self love.

Self love will not come to you overnight. It will take time for you to recognize that you are worthy and your happiness is primary. With time we will learn to love our faults and flaws. Accepting that those things don’t define us but still are apart of us. Understanding the past is the past. Dwelling on the past keeps us from moving forward with life. We must learn to choose ourselves at times when we feel it’s necessary, especially when it involves our sanity. At times we must set boundaries with others. These boundaries are set to help us protect ourselves and our relationship with others. Learning to incorporate self care into our lives with things such as hobbies or leisure activities. Feeling good about ourselves is important self love. (Praising yourself for that project you completed or the new job you landed. Being proud of yourself. You’ve worked hard and deserve it. )Trusting our path. All things happen in due time. We may encounter difficulties but should not allow them to stop us from our course. Self love will not be easy at first but it is necessary.