Healthy Relationships<3

Healthy Relationships:

We would all want to be with a someone who compliments us. Shares our same beliefs and teach us new ones. One of the most important things in a relationship is communication. Talking about the good and bad.  Having meaningful conversations about subjects of interest. Speaking up about what bothers us is something that’s necessary if you would like your relationship to flourish. How you communicate different thing is also vital. Have you ever thought about how you ask for things? Do you sometimes wait to too long to ask or talk about something that your partner finds you to be aggressive, passive or even passive aggressive?  Listening to your partner is also important. Effective communication is when you are able to understand each other’s points of views. Sharing and demonstrating acts of kindness can make your relationship stronger as well. These little things can show that you were each thinking of one another. It can show validation and love. Sharing good or bad news is also good. It can help you understand where your partner stands with you.  They can be supportive in many ways of what they hear or withdrawn/against it. Knowledge of your partner is also great. Things like remembering their favorite food or song shows that you pay attention to detail. This can be something that is super helpful in the long run. Doing new activities with your partner is also something that you could do to create new memories and reignite sparks. Sharing positivity is known for longer lasting relationships. Things like joy, happiness, humor and excitement. Being open and honest are also essential for being in a healthy relationship.


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